Case Study

Asset Walkdown and Data Collection – NYS DOCCS

Background The NYS DOCCS maintains the state prisons and parole system, encompassing 44 prisons funded by the state government and currently incarcerates approximately 30,900 incarcerated people. They state that it is their responsibility to take care, custody, and treatment of the people held in the state prisons. 

Challenge There are almost 48 correctional facilities that have been using legacy MP2 system to record all the major assets as well as part-related information including inventory. It was initially identified that the data in the legacy MP2 system was incomplete and inconsistent.  

Outcomes DOCCS engaged Innovee for Asset walk-down and Data Collection of parts inventory for all their 44 correctional facilities located throughout New York State. Our data collection experts conducted physical asset walk-down tasks to collect or field-verify assets and specifications.

We successfully assembled all collected asset data consistent with and conforming to DOCCS’s current location and asset hierarchy schema and nomenclatures in an electronic format that can be easily loaded into the HxGN EAM system.